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Updated: May 28, 2020


Is the 2020 CSFL Season taking place or will it be cancelled?

As of Tuesday, May 26, 2020, the CSFL season has been delayed with a start date July 4.

Are host cities allowing tournaments to take place?

At this point in time, some communities are welcoming events while others have decided to restrict organized events for the remainder of 2020.

How late into the fall are you planning on running?

We are prepared to run events into mid-October.

How will social distancing be in effect for the tournament season?

A few things will be changing for the upcoming season including, no longer offering on-site registration, no longer accepting cash payments and a new weigh in procedure that reduces interaction between anglers and the CSFL team will be introduced.

Will on-site registration still be available?

On-site registration will no longer be available for the 2020 season. Teams will need to be pre-registered and paid by noon (12:00 pm) the Friday prior to the event, regardless if they are only participating in the Sunday event.

How will the weigh in process work?

The CSFL is bringing back the on water stage, drive by weigh in. This system will be as touch-less as possible, with anglers not being required to leave their boats. The weigh in process consists of 4 stations:

Station 1: Anglers will receive sterilized weigh bag(s)

Station 2: Anglers photo op and bag fish in front of Marshall determining health of fish

Station 3: Weigh Master will take the weigh bag from anglers, and weigh fish

Station 4: “Leader Dock” teams will only advance to this station should they take the overall weight lead

I am sponsored and my sponsorship agreement states they must be mentioned at every event I participate in, will we have an opportunity to mention/thank our sponsors at any point during the event?

Interviews will no longer be taking place during weigh in. Anglers will be asked to provide an optional team profile which will include their names, towns, achievements and sponsors and this will be announced as their fish are being weighed. The angler profile request will be added to your online team confirmations.

Are any rules being amended for the 2020 Season?

The CSFL will be lifting the minimum size rule during the 2020 season therefore there will be no minimum fish size to reduce interaction.

Are people allowed to participate as individual anglers?

Yes, you may enter any tournament (with the exception of the Canadian Open of Fishing Pro Am) as an individual should you wish to participate without a partner.

Would you consider a boat owners tournament series?

Should the government not allow us to run a team events, we will consider converting our existing schedule into a boat owners/individual series.

Will there be Elite events this summer?

At this time, we have not scheduled any Pro Bass Elite events.

Will there be any mid-week events such as Twi-Lights and Ladies Night?

At this time, we have not scheduled mid-week events.

Is the Canada Cup still taking place?

The Canada Cup will be taking place and has been rescheduled to August 22 & 23 out of Trenton, Bay of Quinte (Bay Only) as a two day event.

Is the Canada Cup still affiliated with FLW?

At this time, yes, however with the uncertainty of boarder/travel restrictions, currency exchange rate, FLW date and format changes, this is currently under review.

Will there still be a Classic?

No, there will not be a BM National Classic for the 2020 season, however, the Classic hold back will be paying out the top 10 ranking teams/angler with the best 5 out of 12 event points using 5 different lakes. At this time, we are considering hosting an All Star Invitational with the top 50 teams of the season to take place October 17 and 18. More details will become available at a later date.

How will Team of the Year work?

The 2020 CSFL season is composed of 12 events spanning across 6 lakes, merging all tours together. Team of the Year is based on your best 5 out of 12 event points using 5 different lakes. The Team of Year will be awarded five (5) free entries into the 2021 season.

How will Angler of the Year work?

Angler of the Year is based on the top angler competing as an individual, based on best 5 out of 12 event points using 5 different lakes. The top finishing Angler of the Year will be awarded five (5) free entries into the 2021 season.

Will there be an All Canadian?

Yes, the All Canadian Team title is based on best 5 out of 12 event field points, using 5 different lakes. Points for the All Canadian Team will be determined by the field size of each qualifying event. The All Canadian Team will be awarded five (5) free entries into the 2021 season.

Can you still pay with cash?

From this point forward we will no longer be accepting cash payments. We are accepting credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), e-transfers, cheques and bank drafts/money orders. Cheques and bank draft/money orders must be received five (5) days prior to the event.

How will prize payouts work?

Prize payouts will be forwarded to winners the week following the event by e-transfer or a cheque can be mailed.

If I already paid for the season but I cannot participate on the rescheduled dates, can I receive a refund?

Should you not be available for the revised schedule, paid registration fees and deposits will be credited to any other/future CSFL or Pro Bass Tour events, including the 2021 season.

Can our families/spectators come to the weigh in?

We truly appreciate the support of our anglers’ loved ones and spectators however at this time we are encouraging all spectators to tune into the CSFL Facebook page and watch the weigh in from the comfort of their home.

As we continue to monitor the effects of COVID-19 we want to make sure we do our part for our team, anglers, sponsors, supporters and host communities. We truly appreciate our anglers and industry support not only during this time but throughout our 24 years of operation. We look forward to seeing as many of our anglers as soon as possible on the water, and encourage you all to continue safe practices during these times. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by COVID-19. We hope you are staying as safe as possible; please continue to care for the well-being of one another.

If you have any additional questions require clarification please do not hesitate to contact our team directly at 905-640-2277 or

We look forward to seeing you all on the water soon!


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