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2019 Ontario B.A.S.S Nation Qualifier

2019 Ontario B.A.S.S Nation Qualifier Update/changes Date: July 30, 2019 Contact(s):  Jason Barnucz, Media Director, Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation (media@ontariobass.com) PRESS RELEASE 2019 Ontario B.A.S.S Nation Qualifier Update/changes With the recent events on the St. Lawrence River, the OBN Executive and its Board of Directors have decided to postpone and re-locate the 2019 Hank Gibson Provincial Qualifier. The following changes have been made. Date: September 28/29, 2019 Location: Rice Lake Host Location: Golden Beach Resort, Roseneath, Ontario Limit sizes: 3 fish Boater, 2 fish Non-Boater We have partnered with the Competitive Sport Fishing League (CSFL). The CSFL will be running the 2019 Rice Lake Qualifier utilizing the Shimano in-water weigh in system. Our very own Conservation Director Jason Barnucz will once again lead our team in the fish care department. With these changes, we have the full support of industry leaders such as Shimano Canada, RadioWorld, Freedom Tackle, Livingston Lures and The CSFL. “The OBN has always been committed to conservation and these proactive changes for our 2019 Qualifier definitely solidify our dedication.” states Dave Spence, OBN President. On Rice Lake the OBN will be utilizing the assistance from the CSFL, who has proven to be on the same page as the OBN with respects to conservation. The CSFL uses one of the best fish care systems in Canada, utilizing the in-water weigh in system created by Queens University under the supervision of Bruce Tufts. Andrew Pallotta of the CSFL states “We are very pleased to see organizations taking the right measures required in fish care as this is a big part of the game we all love. We applaud the OBN for their conservation efforts made through the club chapters by taking into consideration all industry recommendations. We are extremely pleased to join the efforts in ensuring fish care is of the upmost importance” Those OBN members who registered for the August 2019 Qualifier on the St. Lawrence River and wish to participate in the rescheduled Rice Lake event will remain registered. No further action on their part. Those who wish to not participate in the rescheduled event on Rice Lake are asked to request a refund through their chapter presidents. The OBN has now opened registration for the Rice Lake event.  This is open to any OBN members in good standing as of June 30th 2019. Registrants must register through their chapter. Registration for the Rice Lake Qualifier will remain open until Friday September 13th 2019. These changes were not easy and were not taken lightly. The OBN Executive believes the Board has made the correct decision for both our organization and the fisheries. Regards, The Ontario B.A.S.S Nation Executive About Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation The Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation consists of over 700 members and is a proud member of the 15,000 member B.A.S.S. Nation. Besides an interest in improving anglers’ bass fishing skills, the Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation has worked hard to promote grass roots bass fishing across Ontario to anglers of all skill levels. For additional information on how you can become a part of the Ontario B.A.S.S. Nation program, go to ontariobass.com.


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The Competitive Sport Fishing League is the leading tournament series in Canada, offering diverse events that cater to every level of anglers from experienced Pros to Amateurs being introduced to the sport. To date the Competitive Sport Fishing League has successfully operated over 750 events, released thousands of fish and have hosted anglers from across the world throughout during our 24 years of operation! Fish care is our top priority. Since the conception of the CSFL in 1995, fish care has always been a major component in our series. Today we utilize the in water weigh in system developed through Queen's University, including the technology of properly regulated aerated tanks, water weigh-in scales and state of the art live release boats to enable the safe return of the resource, ensuring the future of the sport. We have released over 500 fish per day with less than 1% mortality rate.