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Updated: Jul 8

  1. Entry fees and deposits are non-refundable or transferable however can be used for future events.

  2. Legal Age: At least one competitor must be 18 years of age or older. Competitors (including AM’s) under the age of 18 must have written parental consent from both parents/guardian(s).

  3. Lie Detector Test: If in question, any competitor must agree to take a lie detector test and pass before receiving their prize. The cost of the test will come out of the payback structure. If a team is protested and wins, the protesting team will pay the cost of the test.

  4. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct. Automatic disqualification will result without refund (ethics are different, do not confuse). All Competitors are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and conservation and to conduct themselves in a manner that will be a credit to themselves, to the CSFL, Canadian Pro Bass Tour (CPBT), sponsors, the sport of fishing and the CSFL/CPBT’s efforts to promote the sport. Conduct not complying with these standards includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Violation of, or failure to comply with, any of the rules for the 2023 season of the CSFL/CPBT.

  • Consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages or any kind of mind-altering substance during tournament hours extending through the weigh-in procedure.

  • Abuse of, or addiction to, mind-altering substances.

  • Suspension/disqualification or ban from any tournament or fishing organization.

  • Any other words, conduct or actions reflecting unfavourably upon efforts to promote safety, sportsmanship, fair competition and compliance with tournament rules, or which fail to comply with the standards set forth in the first sentence of this paragraph. In case of any conduct not complying with the standards outlined above, the CSFL/CPBT shall have the right to refuse an application to compete, to deny a confirmed application to compete by returning the entry fee (minus deposit) or to disqualify a Competitor.

  1. Media: To uphold the integrity of the sport, the CSFL/CPBT, the event sponsors, the officials and the reputation of competitive sport fishing, it is an obligation of competitors to refrain from comments to news media that unreasonably attack or discredit the integrity of tournaments, tournament officials, sponsors, fellow anglers or the CSFL/CPBT organization. Reasonable expressions of legitimate disagreements with CSFL/CPBT policies are encouraged as opposed to attacks upon the integrity of rules or officials. Doing so will result in disciplinary actions.

  2. No live bait allowed (artificial lures only). Fish regurgitation will not be permitted.

  3. Species: You are not allowed to have the species of fish you are competing for in your live wells during pre-fish.

  4. Event fish: When competing in a CSFL/CPBT event you must only possess that event fish. Any other species of fish must be released. Other species of non-releasable fish must be reported at the check-in boat.

  5. Communication: There shall be no advantageous third party communication on or off the water during the event with competing or non-competing individuals. Doing so may result in disqualification. Competitors are not permitted to obtain any information from non-competitors who have been on the tournament body of water up to 4 days prior to the tournament and any cut off times. Additionally, competitors are not permitted to pre-fish with non-competitors who have been on the body of water within 4 days prior to the tournament or during any cut off time. It is not permitted to pre-fish during this time with an angler who has won a significant tournament on the body of water within 2 years. Competitors are not permitted to hire guide services; doing so will result in disqualification.

  6. Event Fish Limits: BASS 5. The penalty for retaining more than the event limit is as follows whether you are running or you are weighing-in. You will be asked to cull down to the event limit. Then the Tournament Director will cull the same amount of fish you are over with a maximum of 5 fish starting with the biggest fish. If you have retained more than double the event fish limit, this will result in disqualification.

  7. Culling: Only non-invasive clip type (i.e. non-piercing) culling systems may be used. When culling you must possess one less than the legal limit. No traveling with more than the event fish limit. Immediate disqualification will result if found doing so.

  8. Live well: You must have an operating livewell.

  9. Dead Fish Penalty: A 0.50 lb penalty per dead fish. A dead fish may be a Big Fish (if a Big Fish is dead, the penalty already applied for a dead fish would be deducted directly from the Big Fish and if it remains Big Fish it will stand as Big Fish). A Fish will be determined alive or dead at the marshall station.

  10. Cell Phones are for Emergency Use Only, communicating with the CSFL/CPBT and  onsite social media campaigns within the event.

  11. Flotation Device: You must wear an approved flotation device while the outboard is running. Manual Sospenders/vests or manual inflatable life jackets will not be acceptable. Automatic Sospenders/vests or automatic inflatable life jackets are acceptable however they will be inspected for expiration at the time of check in. If you choose to wear, at your own risk, an automatic Suspender/vest, automatic inflatable life jacket or a U.S. COAST GUARD approved life jacket you must have an approved Department of Transport Canada life jacket within your vessel (if in question, Tournament Official’s decision will stand). PRO must provide an AM/Non Boater with a DTC approved life jacket.

  12. License: A fishing license is required and you may be asked to produce it at any time. Please ensure it is on your person at all times during the tournament. Failure to produce your license will not allow you to fish. Please ensure you have a Sport Fishing License, a Conservation License is not accepted. A boater’s license is required by the Pro/Boater and may be asked to produce it at any time. Please ensure it is on your person at all times during the tournament. Failure to produce your boater’s license will disqualify you from competition.

  13. Laws: All Federal and Provincial fishing, boating and criminal laws must be obeyed at all times.

  14. Ministry Net: No fishing within 100 yards of a ministry net.

  15. No locking allowed.

  16. Boundaries are any water accessible by boat except when legally marked no trespassing or sanctioned.

  17. Identification numbers must be affixed on the motor, outside windshield or flag post and made clearly visible.

  18. Distance: You must maintain 50 yards of another competitor’s boat. However in circumstances where there are two teams on river systems less than 50 yards, they may cross one another on opposite sides and sportsmanlike conduct will apply in this situation and other situations where there is less than 50 yards.

  19. Do not board or approach another vessel during the event unless there is an emergency.

  20. Fuel/Repairs: If in need of fuel or repairs, one competitor is to remain with the boat at all times and a receipt must be kept to show officials if required.

  21. Towing: If your boat is deemed no longer functional you may acquire tow by another vessel (competitor or non-competitor). If the towing team feels for any reason that they cannot tow you as it may jeopardize their standings, you must respect their decision and either abort your fish and seek a ride back or wait for another boat.

  22. Transfer: Fish can be transferred to another competitor’s boat only, one of the downed team members must stay with the fish. If you choose to transfer your fish into a competitor's live well, the live well must be separate or you must use an approved fish friendly perforated sack complete with drawstring ensuring your fish cannot be combined with the rescuing team’s fish. Tagging systems are not acceptable and if fish are combined accidentally or otherwise both weights will not be accepted. No fishing is allowed while the rescued competitor is in the boat and you must proceed directly to the check-in point where fish will be transferred to the check-in boat for weigh-in show. Once your fish have been transferred, the downed boat must be brought back directly to the tournament site for inspection. If, after inspection the boat is found tampered with then disqualification may result and the rescuing team questioned. If in payout position, prizes will be held until boats are inspected. Your team is responsible for making sure the rescued angler(s) is wearing a DTC approved life jacket, failure to do so will result in disqualification. Make all efforts in using the CSFL/CPBT emergency number (416-802-2277) in keeping the officials informed.

  23. Assistance: If a broken down team requires a tow by one of the event officials, the competitors must release their fish. The CSFL/CPBT acting as the Tournament Official must keep it fair and equal to all competing anglers and therefore cannot act in individual cases as it may conflict and could possibly alter the final results.

  24. Changing Boats: If a broken down boat returns to the tournament site and the team manages to repair their vessel or are changing boats, prior to transferring fish the boat must be rechecked by CSFL/CPBT Tournament Officials.

  25. Check In and Late Penalty: All Teams must report to the designated Check-in Boat or location at the end of each day. Teams may check in at the tournament site up to 30 minutes prior to the check-in time otherwise you must return to the check-in point. Any boats arriving after the allowed time will be penalized 1 lb. per minute. The late penalty will be applied starting with the biggest fish.

  26. Pre-Fishing: CSFL Competitors must be off the water by 8:00 pm the Friday night prior to the weekend events during the months of May, June, July and August. Competitors must be off the water by 7:00 pm the Friday night prior to the weekend events during the month of September. Competitors must be off the water by 6:00 pm the Friday night prior to the weekend events during the month of October.

  27. Blast off: The official blast-off time is 7:00 am and weigh-in time is 3:00 p.m. each day (if time changes are required, notification will be given). During multi-day events, CSFL Special Events, Classic or back-to-back events, your boat must be out of the water or docked for the day within 2 hours after the final weigh in. This also applies 2 hours before check in on the morning or afternoon of all events. Fishing is also prohibited during these times.

  28. Weather: If in case of extreme weather conditions, state of emergency or pandemic, the event may be delayed, rescheduled, restricted, merged with an existing event or canceled.

  29. Boat Size: Boats must be 14’ or greater for CSFL and must be 17’ or greater for CPBT and canoes are not permitted.

  30. Insurance: All boats must carry a minimum of $1,000,000 insurance liability. Proof of insurance must be made available upon request.

  31. Horsepower Limits: All CSFL events are the maximum horsepower rated for your vessel. Kickers are permitted. The CSFL/CPBT reserves the right to refuse an unsafe vessel at its discretion.

  32. Kill Switch: All motors must have a working kill switch which must be worn when outboard is running.

  33. Temperature Rule: A minimum of 2 bags of ice or frozen water bottles in a cooler will be mandatory on days when forecasted air temperatures are expected to exceed 27 degrees celsius and on days when air temperatures exceed 30 degrees celsius the Tournament Director may reduce the catch limits to 4 fish.

  34. Protest: Any protest of violations must be made to the Tournament Director prior to the awards presentation. Protest cost is $100.

  35. Infractions: If you witness a rule being broken it is an infraction not to report it to the Tournament Director and may lead to a disqualification.

  36. Disqualification: In the event of a disqualification the competitor may be fined or required to compensate to continue to fish in other events. No refunds if disqualified.

  37. CPBT PROs are responsible for the AMs/Non-Boaters well-being.

  38. CPBT Ams/Non-Boaters are not permitted use of GPS units during the event. AMs/Non-Boaters who share their PROs fishing locations during the event with other competitors will be disqualified along with persons utilizing this information.

  39. Ties: In case there is a tie for first place, there will be a fish off and the first regulation fish weighed in wins. Combining the pay back spots and splitting the money equally will resolve ties for other positions.

  40. Qualifying for CSFL National Classic XXVIII: Top 35 teams from Eastern Tour, Top 35 from Western Tour, Top 10 from Berkley Tour, Top 10 from the DT Opens Tour and Top 10 from Abu Garcia Wildcards will advance to the CSFL National Classic XXVIII. Qualification is based on combined points within the respective tour using the best four events utilizing only one of the Wildcards as a substitution, however teams qualifying through the Abu Garcia Wildcard Tour must use all four events within that tour with no substitution. A minimum of four events is required to qualify for all tours. Competitors fishing with various partners in a tour may qualify as an individual. If a partner is not able to participate in one of the four qualifying events, one partner may compete as an individual and maintain the points for the team. If you qualify as a team as well as an individual, team qualification overrules the individual qualification. No double qualifying within one tour however Teams/Angler may qualify in each tour eliminating Classic positions. However should a team forfeit their lower Classic position, the position will be filled with the next eligible team within the tour.

  41. Number of Teams Qualifying for CSFL National Classic XXVIII: Up to 100 teams from the BM Tours and may exceed with teams advancing from various affiliated events, of which pro-rated advancement fees will be injected directly to Classic payout. All teams will compete on both days of the Classic.

  42. 2024 Team of the Year is based on your best 4 out of 4 event points within each division. If a partner is not able to participate in one of the four qualifying events, one partner may compete as an individual and maintain the points for the team. A partner can start or end the event and maintain the points for the team.  The Eastern TOY, the Western TOY, the Berkley TOY, the DT Opens TOY and Abu Garcia TOY will be given the opportunity to participate in the BASSMASTER Team Championship. Should the team be unable to compete, the next qualifying team within the respective tour will advance and so on.

  43. 2024 All Canadian Team is based on a teams Classic Qualifying points (including Wildcard events) plus the National Classic points. The All Canadian Team will be given the opportunity to participate in the BASSMASTER Team Championship. Should the team be unable to compete, the next qualifying team will advance and so on.

  44. 2024 Pro Bass Tour Team of the Year is based on your best 3 out of 4 event points within the Cup Series. The CPBT Team of the Year will be given the opportunity to participate in the BASSMASTER Team Championship. Should the team be unable to compete, the next qualifying team will advance and so on.

  45. Qualifying for Bassmaster Team Championship: I hereby waive my rights of privacy or publicity with the regard to the programs of the tournament in which I appear and consent to B.A.S.S., LLC's (and its parent, affiliated and subsidiary companies, and those acting under their permission or upon their authority), copyrighting, distributing, televising, publishing and using in any way the audio and visual portions of any television videotape, film and photographs pictures of me or of interviews, scenes or other sequences in which I may be included, and any reproduction thereof, anywhere at any time through any medium or media for advertising, promotion, trade, television programming or other lawful purpose whatsoever; and I shall not be entitled to receive any royalties or other compensation in connection with such use. I acknowledge and agree that B.A.S.S., LLC (and its parent, affiliated and subsidiary companies, and those acting under their permission or upon their authority) shall have the right to use my personal information to contact me with communications and other advertisements, and may provide such information to any sponsor of B.A.S.S., LLC or its parent, affiliated and subsidiary companies, which sponsor may contact me with communications and other advertisements.

  46. Qualifying for the MLF Toyota Series Championship through the MLF Candian Open Pro Am, the top two Canadian Pro Angers and the top two Canadian Amateur Anglers will advance to the Toyota Series Championship. Should any one of the anglers be unable to compete, the next qualifying angler will advance and so on. Please visit for further information and qualification details.

  47. National Classic Champions have an automatic qualification for the next season's CSFL National Classic. The Champion(s) must compete in at least four qualifying events. If the Champions do not compete as a team they will lose this privilege and will have to re-qualify with their new partners.

  48. Field Size: The CSFL/CPBT reserves the right to exceed the limited field and pay back accordingly.

  49. Paybacks: The CSFL/CPBT is solely responsible for the provision of the percentage paybacks and not responsible for sponsored or contingency prizes.

  50. Prizes: All Am/Non Boater prizes are sponsor supported. If a sponsor prize position is not supported, the CPBT will prorate the position on field size and guarantee 50% of prize value in cash. Winners are responsible to pay any taxes payable for cash or prizes awarded.

  51. Contingencies: The CSFL is not responsible for any sponsor or contingency prizes.

  52. Entries will be accepted with a 50% deposit. Full entry payments are due after June 1, 2024. A completed entry form together with payment secures a Pro Angler or Amateur/Non Boater a spot. Entries will be accepted with a 50% deposit. Payment Options Available: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard & American Express), E-Transfer to, Bank Draft, Money Order, and Cheques payable to CSFL.

  53. Orientation Meetings: At this time, all orientation meetings will be a virtual platform. Participants will be notified. Meetings will commence the Friday prior to the event for the MLF Canadian Open, Pro Bass Tour Events and CSFL National Classic, unless otherwise notified.

  54. Big Fish LunkerBowl: Additional Big Fish LunkerBowl Rules and Regulations are found on All participants of Big Fish LunkerBowl events must review and be aware of all additional rules. Weigh-in windows can be found on the official CSFL website as well.

  55. 2025 Registration: At the end of the 2024 season the CSFL will retain your finish position for the following season until Friday, October 4. As of Monday, October 7, 2024, at 9:00 am pre-registration for the 2025 CSFL season will open for all tours to the public. In keeping it fair for all competitors, multiple entries of the same tour received on the same day, start positions will be drawn at the end of each day for the 2025 season.

  56. Rules & Regs: The CSFL/CPBT reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations as it sees fit.

  57. Right to Refuse: The CSFL/CPBT reserves the right to refuse or deny a confirmed application by returning the entry fee of a previously accepted application.

  58. Tournament Official rulings are final. All rules and regulations apply to all CSFL/CPBT anglers.


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